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MyBrands is an innovative app that simplifies tracking your purchases and subscriptions across multiple brands. By securely integrating with your Gmail account, MyBrands scans your inbox for emails containing invoices, receipts, and shipping notifications from various vendors and retailers. The app then parses the relevant data, such as purchase details, amounts, and vendors, to provide you with a unified view of your shopping history within the app.

App Functionality

Data Usage and Privacy

To enable the email monitoring and reporting features, MyBrands requests read-only access to your Gmail messages through the "./auth/gmail.readonly" scope. This access allows the app to scan your inbox for relevant emails without modifying, sending, or deleting any messages. Rest assured that MyBrands adheres to Google's Developer Policies and all applicable privacy laws and regulations. We are committed to transparently explaining the purpose for which we request your data and implementing appropriate user consent and data handling practices.

For more information about how we collect, use, and protect your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

About Us

MyBrands is developed and maintained by [Company Name], a verified domain owner. Our mission is to simplify and enhance your shopping experience by providing a centralized platform to track and manage your purchases across multiple brands.

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

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